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Our Membership

The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies has the potential to revolutionize industries beyond finance, such as healthcare, logistics, and real estate. By becoming a member of Tilburg Students Blockchain Association, part of the Students Blockchain Association Netherlands, you will be part of our aim to create a powerful network of students with interest in this technology.


The rise of blockchain technology has created a need for education, research, and collaboration among stakeholders. With this association, students interested in investment and finance will have an opportunity to gain insights into how blockchain technology is revolutionizing these industries and how they can be part of this transformation.


In cooperation with our national body SBAN, we will provide you with endless internship / job opportunities at the leading organizations in the space. In other words as a member you will become part of our talentpool, and will get the chance to utilize exclusive opportunities. 


As a member of TSBA you will be part of a powerful network of students across the Netherlands (coordinated by the SBAN). You will have monthly meet ups with your fellow students on a monthly basis, and at our national events you will get the opportunity to meet students from other cities. 

The membership provides you with lots of external activities, learning opportunities and the possibilities to increase your network. Due to the increasing interest in the endless possibilities of blockchain technology, we found some partners who share our values and mission to provide a platform for students interested in the world of blockchain to come together, learn, and grow. These partners make it possible to have no membership fee. The only step you have to take to become a member is to buy a stake in the shared investment wallet.

Every meeting there will be sell or vote pitches provided by the board or members of the association to decide which assets are added to or sold from the shared portfolio. The cost of the voluntary buy-in is calculated at the moment you want to join, and you can always contact the board about the cost of the buy-in. When you want to leave the association you can sell your stake. Depending on the price action of the assets in the shared portfolio you might get a return on your initial buy-in. The association will calculate this by the value of the current assets divided by the number of active members (minus transaction costs). By investing in crypto, the association can help its members understand the potential of this new technology and its impact on the future of finance.

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